Ancients' History

1 ancient city

Races are born…

The creation of the ancient races has long vanished but 3 races created much and left great artifacts and ruins dotting the landscape. Some just being discovered in the last 200 years. New research has opened up and still more to discover in the artifacts use.

The first of the three races, the Dragons. These majestic creature of ancient times were not colored of one type or referred to as metallic vs. chromatic. They were dragons and sculpted cities with their magic and ruled floating domains that rivaled any kingdom on the ground. They created the races of Dragonborn and Kobolds to serve them in their kingdoms. They stood united as one and never fought between themselves and would approach council with decision already made and stick to their decision.

The second of three races, the Giants. The smallest of the race stood nearly 50 feet tall with the largest being close to 130 feet tall. These great creatures respected beauty of stonework and helped to craft large cities that housed all the races. They created cities of stone that could house the smallest to largest for meetings to discuss issues and ways to better society. They sat as mediators on the councils of elders, respected by both Dragons and Ederlings.

The third of of three races, the Ederlings. This race was granted divination and mastery of magic that was only rivaled by Dragons. The feats accomplished in magical manipulation were so astounding that most modern spellcasters would consider them myth and fairy tale. They created new schools of magic, new items of magic, and some of the most unfortunate experiments in magic. They were always stretching to exceed their past accomplishments never happy with what had been done. Divination gave them the power to dream large possibilities. Powerful the Ederlings were, but not cautious.

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Ancients' History

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