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General Campaign Background

The Seven Baronies are emerging from world devastating events into a new time in history. The time is filled with possibilities of hope or of destruction and all depends on the actions of the heroes of the land.


The history of the land could fill a library stretching back to the beginning of time, but below you will see the highpoints in history detailing certain periods of time in the land.


  • Ancient Races
    • Dragons
    • Ederlings—> Darklings
    • Giants
  • Young Races
    • Changeling (playable)
    • Devas (playable)
    • Dragonborn & Kobolds (playable)
    • Dwarves (playable)
    • Elves & Half-elves (playable)
    • Eladrins (playable)
    • Genasi (playable)
    • Gnomes (playable)
    • Halflings (playable)
    • Humans (playable)
    • Ironborn (playable)
    • Kalashtar (playable)
    • Orcs & Half-orcs (playable)
    • Tieflings


  • Rune Magic (custom)
  • Chronomancy Magic (custom)
  • Gem magic (custom)


  • Adventuring
    • Brian French
    • Grey (played by Dave Foltz)
    • Brad Guyer
    • Bryan Rhodes
    • Jeremiah Royce
    • Alex Schultz
    • Pat Steinwand
  • Deceased
    • Wulgar Stormforge (Died Twice)
      • 1st time; crushed by a Giant Frost Worm, Then ripped to shreds as it exploded into shards of Ice
      • 2nd time; Cleaved by the blade of a 20 foot Axe while going toe-to-toe, with an angry Frost Giant (or an Angry DM… Hmmm).
  • Retired
    • Fang the Wild – Retired happily in his own Druid Grove





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