Seven Baronies

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26th of Mirtul of the year 1555 DR

All were summoned to the meeting by Lord Kolo, to make introductions and share news. The treaty negotiations were to start after this initial meeting. A SpellPlagued monster was summoned into the council chamber wreaking havoc. Soon the monster had converted leaders of the Seven Baronies into minions who then started about converting more of the crowded room’s occupants into minions as well. Heroes stepped forth and killed the creature that summoned the Spellplague beast but one by one the heroes fell. Something intervened on the behalf of the heroes bringing them back to finish battle but with effects they would have to learn about. They were sucked from the council meeting chamber and deposited into the river.

24th of Mirtul of the year 1555 DR

Dwarves arrived weeks ago and started to provide guard forces. Diplomats and Goshawks, elite magical force capable of defeating SpellPlague, arrived from Westwood Barony. The Infinity Order, a group of Aasimar, Deva, & Kalashtar knights, arrived in military fashion from the pirate flotilla. The pirates in drunken manner arrived in Pavaign. The elves arrived at night followed soon by the orcs.

23rd of Mirtul of the year 1555 DR

The SpellPlague has wrought changes in lands, peoples, and nations. The snow has melted from mountain passes and travel has been opened to all. The people of the Baronies descend on Pavaign, the first meeting in over 150 years, to trade, talk, and make new treaties. Pavaign with the help of the Westwood Barony has discovered an ancient city less then 1/4 mile from the cities current location. The main halls of the palace of this ancient city have been cleared and are planned to be used to house the treaty talks. Certain locations in the old city have already been purchased and the finishing touches have been going on these city sections all winter. By foot, horse, boat, or magic you will arrive in this city to make your mark on the world.

1555 DR Moon Phases

Moon Phases for 1555 DR

1555 moon phases


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